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I’m so glad you’ve arrived. AriReviews is where I share with you what interests me most! And this is random, but hear me out. I bought a journal full of bucket list ideas and one of them was to start a blog and keep it running for at least a here I am! And I thought, why not write about something that really interests me! I think about movies, books, music so much but never share my thoughts with anyone. And trust me, those thoughts are ready to break free and be written out. I'm the type of person who falls in love with a movie, book or song. So much that I play or read it over and over. And I feel that I have a weird taste. If something has a low score on Rotten Tomatoes.. I probably LOVED it. However, I also really love a good movie with a high score and a meaning behind it. Anyway,I'm ready to do what I love best. Listen to music, read books, watch movies and tv shows. Get lost in the world of fiction (which I prefer over nonfiction btw.) Learn more with nonfiction. And the best part is I get to share all my thoughts on it all, with you. :)


Have a question? Want to get in touch with me? Have a suggestion for a movie, book, tv show, song or album you think i'd like or want me to review? Go ahead and fill this information out! :)

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