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My Top 10 Albums!

Ok.. so I decided that for the first few posts of mine that I should do some top 10 posts. For my first post I decided to start with albums! Now, I'll be honest.. I'm not a huge album listener. I like so many artists and so many different songs, but there aren't many albums I have listened to from beginning to end. The albums listed in this article all have special places in my heart and all come with so many great..and not so great memories. And even though I haven't listened to many albums from start to finish, this list was still kind of difficult for me to make.

I'm truly excited for you to read this and maybe get an understanding of me based off this list! And if you know me in real life, maybe you'll get to know me better! And this is only the first of many top ten articles I will be posting. There will also be articles for my top ten songs, books, movies and tv shows!

But, without further ado, lets get into it shall we?

My Top 10 Albums!

In no particular order (I'd probably throw up if I had to put these in order)

1) Narrated for You- Alec Benjamin

This album seemed to find me when I needed it most. I had no idea who Alec was until I found this album. I'm not even sure how I found it. But I know that when I did, I sat in bed and listened to every single song. I took in every single song lyric and loved each one. I absolutely love his voice and I love that each song tells a different story. His album deals with heavy stories but covers them up with bright melodies, which is what I love most about it.

This is a pop album, however it does not feel like one. In the best way possible. I don't feel like any of them are too majorly made for radio. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I just love songs that feel more authentic and personable to the artist. I have not heard any of the other albums that Alec has made. However, I am looking forward into giving them a listen and possibly reviewing them on here in the near future! If this album is any indication on how his other music is. I have a feeling I'll enjoy the rest of his discography.


2) Decide- Djo

This album right here is a complete masterpiece in my opinion. It's unlike anything I have ever added to my playlists. This whole album has a fresh and unique sound. I love his voice and the production of each song. You can tell that he puts a lot of thought into how each song plays out, how it will make his audience feel. This album gives me an 80's, Talking Heads vibe. And I absolutely love Talking Heads and 80's music, which is probably why I love this album. There are zero skips when it comes to this album. I will listen to it from start to finish all the way through, over and over.

Decide is an alternative album, which is a genre I have fallen in love with. I typically listen to pop, but am trying to broaden my taste in music. I have listened to Djo's other music, including his first album Twenty Twenty. And I love that album and his other singles and EP's. Mortal Projections and Flash Mountain are both an honorable mention, they are two of my favorite songs from him that are not on this album.


3) Lemonade- Beyoncé

This album was huge when it came out. Everyone was getting Tidal just to listen to it. (So shoutout to my cousin Tyler for letting me use his log in to listen to the album!) Of course everyone was listening in because they wanted the inside scoop on her and Jay Z. But this album as a whole is just absolutely incredible and creative. The album is the stages of how she handled infidelity. The 12 stages being: intuition, denial, anger, apathy, emptiness, loss, accountability, reformation, forgiveness, resurrection, hope and redemption. And while it’s not something I could relate to, with her music and the way she tells her story through the songs. I almost found myself imagining myself in that position and feeling all the emotions she was feeling. It’s just a beautiful album, one I will always remember.

This is a pop album that has so much to offer. There is also a visual album that is as equally breathtaking, beautiful and empowering as the album. It's been awhile since I have watched it. But it was like watching a movie, one you couldn't look away from. In between songs and scenes, Beyoncé had some speaking parts. Which I have found, features poetry by Warsan Shire, a Somali-British poet.

"I don't know when love became elusive. What I know is, no one I know has it. My father's arms around my mother's neck, fruit too ripe to eat. I think of lovers as trees ... growing to and from one another. Searching for the same light. Why can't you see me? Why can't you see me? Why can't you see me? Everyone else can."


4) Rumors- Fleetwood Mac

Ok so I’m not gonna lie, I only found this album because of TikTok. With the song Dreams and @420doggface208 on his skateboard vibing out and drinking cranberry juice. But if it wasn’t for him and the song blowing up on TikTok. I would’ve never went and listened to the album. Well, I probably would’ve at some point. But I thank TikTok. Anyway, I love the feeling that this album gives me. When I start driving, I feel like this will be one of the many albums on rotation. It’s one of those albums that you play with the windows down.

This is a rock album that has a major story behind it. This album had so much drama going on in the background of making it. And almost every song is about another bandmate from another. From infidelity, to breakups and divorce within the band. This album must have been a difficult and awkward one to make. For example, Christine McVie and John McVie went into the making of this album on the brink of divorce, after eight years of marriage. The situation between them became worse when Christine started dating the bands lighting director. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, two members of the band has also broken up before this album. There's so much more drama with this album. It's just crazy to me that they were all writing music about each other. And that music made a hit album. One I just cant stop listening to.


5) Divide- Ed Sheeran

I feel like Ed Sheeran gets a bunch of random unnecessary hate. I love his voice and his songs. Especially the songs off this album. I listened to this album after I found out that I would be going to a show at his divide tour. So I needed to learn all the lyrics. And I definitely learned them all! And screamed them out at his concert, so much that I almost lost my voice. So I’m not sure if it’s the concert that makes this one of my favorite albums. Or if it’s just the album itself that really makes it for me. Each song is different and memorable in its own. And to me there is not one single skip. (Okay, actually..I do skip Shape of You. It's just been played on the radio too much..)

This is a pop album with a sound that is unique to Ed Sheeran. His lyrics are addicting to me to learn. He has songs that are full on pop, some folk pop, others soft rock. And he even incorporates rap in some. And his love ballad songs are some of the most beautiful songs off his album. My parents even used his song Perfect from this album as their wedding song! So i'd say its a very well balanced album.


6) Harry Styles- Harry Styles

I love all three of his albums, but this one right here is a masterpiece. I really think this is his best album. Every song is different and it’s one of those roller coaster albums. As I like to call them. Where they go from slow and piano to fast and rock. This album feels somehow more personal to him. I mean it’s his first solo album. There's something about this album that gives me chills, Whether it be the breathy whisper tones, the incredible instruments, Harry screaming in Kiwi? I think its all the above.

This album is a soft rock and pop album. The album is what gave Harry his sound. His solo sound that he had probably worked really hard for. And if my love for this album isn't proof enough for how incredible this album is, get this. When this album released, Harry had the highest first-week sales for a British male singer since 1991! And it sold one million copies! I have definitely heard all his other music, but I hold this album close to my heart. I was a One Direction fan..and Harry was my favorite. So of course his first solo album has to be in my favorites!


7) K-12- Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez’s music has always had a childlike theme. With songs referencing to things that would be seen in a childhood. Such as Training Wheels, Carousel, and Soap from her first album Cry Baby. Which is also an album that I love. I just think I prefer this album over that one.

This album is an alternative one. There is an hour and a half movie that was released along with the album. Which is both very visibility pleasing and the music just adds so much to the story. Melanie plays a character called Cry Baby. Based off a character she’s created and her first album. This album also has the same effect of really pop upbeat songs with deep meaning behind them. Such as her song Orange Juice that deals with the struggles of bulimia. And Show & Tell that shows her struggles with being in the spotlight and public eye. I think Melanie has a way with making her music catchy and somehow relate-able. I also love the way she tells stories through her music.


8) Blurryface- twenty one pilots

Ok so I was a bit surprised when this album came to mind when I was thinking of my favorite albums. Mainly because I haven’t listened to it in awhile. But going back and listening made me remember just how much I love it and the band themselves. I've listened to their other album Vessel before this one. And I enjoy a few songs off that album. Migraine and Car Radio being two of my favorites. I have not listened to their first album. And I have yet to listen to their most recent two albums, besides their song Chlorine from their fourth album Trench. I would love to go and give their newer music a listen!

The album is mixed with rock, hip hop , electro reggae, dubstep and and folk-rock. It's funny because it was a running meme on what genre Twenty One Pilots played, because no one could really explain it. I like this album because, in the words of their singer Tyler Joseph..

"This one's a contradiction because of how happy it sounds. But the lyrics are so down." -twenty one pilots, Not Today

I believe that this album will forever be a nostalgic one for me. Mainly because this album was one that really got me through my high school years. I even dressed up as Blurryface for Halloween one year, which is something that will forever haunt me because of how embarrassing it was. Blurryface is the singer, Tyler Joseph's alter-ego. A character that is basically his dark side, anxieties and depression rolled into one. Which then gives him a way to understand his struggles and put them into words for the bands music. I'd also like to share a spoken poetry piece that Tyler Joseph did that I absolutely love. Its called What's Your Story?


9) Youngblood- 5 Seconds of Summer

Ok so 5 seconds of summer has been a band that I’ve loved for years now. I remember the first song I had ever listened to them was Heartbreak Girl, back in 2014! And I’ve listened to them ever since. And as I got older and my music tastes changed, 5SOS seemed to grow with me with their music. And that’s what I love so much about this album. It came out when I was 18 and I felt like I really loved it at the time. And I’m 22 and still love it just as much!

This is a pop album that has a whole new sound compared to their past albums. While I love their other albums, this one seems like a more mature them. Their past albums seemed much more punk pop. I mean Michael Clifford said it himself back in 2015 "I do what I want, I'm punk rock." And this album has more of a rock/pop sound to it, and was them definitely playing around with their sound.


10) Sing to Me Instead- Ben Platt

One day I was scrolling through YouTube looking for new music, when a song called Grow As We Go popped up. I mainly stayed because I recognized Ben Platt from the movie Pitch Perfect, and I had no idea he made music. But I absolutely fell in love with the song and his voice. The music video is also very beautiful and emotional. So I instantly had to find more of his music. That's when I found this incredible album.

This is a pop album that holds so much in it. From very catchy dance songs, to emotional ballads. This is my favorite album to put on when I'm cooking. It can be very relaxing but also is more upbeat in the best places. This is one of those albums, where I know every single lyric from start to finish of every song. I have not listened to his newest album, Reverie. Well, not all of it. I have listed to three songs from it, childhood bedroom is my favorite. I wanna love you but I don't and Imagine are also such great songs. So I'd definitely love to give the album a full listen to review sometime!



Well, there you go! That's my top ten albums for right now! It can definitely change over time. I might already be questioning if I should have added some other albums..but I still have a top 10 songs article to write. Speaking of, I'm not sure what top ten article to write next, but all I know is I can't wait! Also! Let me know what your top ten albums are, if you want! I'd love to hear from you too!

Until next time! - AriReviews <3

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